Villa rentals in Malta

When you go for a vacation in Malta, it is often easier for you to consider staying at a hotel than a private villa. However, if you are thinking about ways to save your money and still have an enormous amount of fun, villas are the way to go. Here are several reasons why you should rent villas the next time you are on vacation. You can chose your desire villa for your Holiday form


One of the things you will enjoy about staying at a villa is the level of comfort you will feel. It is easier to relax and settle in at a villa. You will not hear other noisy guests roaming the halls and laughing like they own the place. If you want to relax, you need to feel some privacy.

You need to know that you can let your feet relax and just be without worrying that room service will come to destruct your peace. If you are traveling with your children, you need some space. Children love to have enough room to play and sleep. Villas are just like houses, you will, therefore, have a place where your kids can play.


One thing you may have noticed is that with hotels, there is no privacy. If you do not like to be in a pool with strangers at a time, you should consider other options. With villas, the only people you will be sharing the pool with are the friends and family you have traveled with. You get the intimacy and seclusion you need. If you are worried about hygiene, then it is more hygienic to be in a pool with people you are familiar with than with strangers.

Privacy also extends to the fact that you can make as much noise as you want in your villa. You will not have to worry that the guest in the other room will call the hotels manager on you.

Perfect for small groups

Imagine traveling with a panel of friends and only being able to hang out when you go out to restaurants or the bar? This will beat the logic as to why you were traveling together. This is what happens when you book hotel rooms. You may not all fit into one room, and if you do, it will be crowded and uncomfortable. A villa is perfect for small groups of people traveling together. You will each have room to sleep in, and you can spend as much time as you want with each other.

Better, affordable meals

If you are traveling with kids, you must be worried about which foods they will eat. Children have very sensitive stomachs. You too many have digestion issues if you eat too much unfamiliar food. With villas, you can make your meals. Villas usually come fully furnished and with everything you need. If you do not know how to cook, villas have staff who can make meals for you ate a fee. You will therefore not miss out on some of Malta’s exquisite dishes.


You will not be missing out on the whole hotel experience entirely. Villas also come with butlers, maids and personal chefs who are at your beck and call. The best part is that when you do not feel like being disturbed, they will leave you alone. You have the freedom to choose what you want them to do and how you want them to serve you.


Once you have seen all the privileges you get with villas, you may be worried that it is too expensive, it is not. It is even cheaper if you are traveling in groups and can cost share.

Burlington village returns with a twist

Burlington village returns with a twist

The shopping center has been demolished now. You know these days e-commerce is getting stronger and stronger and while all these businesses like, best buy, and Kmart are investing heavily in online platforms, the shopping centers are being converted into homes. Big shift in where people are spending money has shifted these malls into residentials. Others are vandalized.

And what is more amazing is that these are renovated to high-quality apartments and sometimes houses with pool.

Some of the malls are being converted into nonretail space like storage or bowling alleys or offices

This is being done time and again and shopping center owners are making big money out of these. It makes more sense to them then to leave the shops empty without occupants where they were losing a ton of money.

Now they have a new business model where these shopping centers are in holiday areas, they are converting them into holiday apartments. One such company that is converting property into residential real estate is Classi Gozo Property.

Rental income is making these owners rich. Good luck to them. Are shopping centers dead?

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