What Are The Advantages Of Fiberglass Pools For Homes?

In recent times, fiberglass swimming pools have gained more popularity in home swimming pool construction than the vinyl counterparts. This has been attributed to the numerous advancements done to fiberglass pool developments, as well as the many advantages its use is believed to have over the rest.

Following are a number of advantages of using a fiberglass swimming pool:

Fewer chemicals

Chemicals have a number of disadvantages when they are used in swimming pools. The first one is the increase in cost since most of these chemicals are need to be purchased. The other disadvantage is the effect the chemicals may have on the human skin, either in the short term or long term.

Fiberglass pools make use of very minimal amounts of such chemicals, as opposed to vinyl, which makes them a better choice.

Less energy is used to heat the pool

With the growing wave of environment and energy conservation awareness campaigns, fiberglass scores great points for using less energy. Fiberglass is designed as an insulator, and this gives it a higher heat retention property.

This less energy consumption reduces the cost of running the fiberglass swimming pool and ensures that people can swim even in the cooler temperatures. Other pools such as vinyl need a heater installed, which increases their cost. Moreover, the lack of installation limits the use during the cooler seasons.

Ease of maintenance

The containers used in creating fiberglass pools are applicably used in the chemical and oil industries. They are very strong and are not easily destroyed by the chemicals such as chlorine which has to be used in swimming pools. This means there is minimal maintenance for a long duration. The fiberglass swimming pools do not require resurfacing, which saves on cost and time.

Ease of installation

Most swimming pool installations consume a lot of time and planning, with most taking up to or more than a month. Fiberglass takes one or two days to install. The procedure is simple as it involves digging of the basin and leveling. Then the fiberglass container is lowered into the basin and the spaces are filled for stability. Most of the painting is usually done prior to the installation.


Fiberglass pools are believed to have what is referred to as a ‘lifetime warranty’. This is important especially for a family since they are confident that the swimming pool will be in operations for years. The material used in fiberglass pool construction is passed through numerous tests, to ensure they have met the set standards.

A soft texture to touch

This is an important aspect of a swimming pool surface. The surface of fiberglass pools is coated with a kind of gel, giving it a non-abrasive surface. This ensures that the swimmers have a perfectly smooth feel when they slide into the pool. Moreover, it avoids skin cuts or bruises.


Though it has a number of disadvantages, fiberglass pools’ advantages are numerous, making it the perfect choice.


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